St Wilfrid's Procession - Horse on Kirkgate 2019


The Procession Awakens

Ripon’s traditional St Wilfrid’s procession will be back this summer, following a two-year hiatus
due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Held in honour of the city’s patron saint, St Wilfrid, the procession is
one of the largest events in the city each year, usually attracting thousands of people to the
streets and Market Square.

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Ancient Tradition

The 2022 procession’s return on Saturday 30th July, means that the event will play a significant
role in celebrations to mark the 1350th anniversary of the consecration of Ripon’s ancient
cathedral in 672 AD.

Dating back to 1108, when King Henry I granted a charter to the City of Ripon to hold an annual fair
celebrating the birth of St Wilfrid, the procession is about to celebrate its 914th year in a city that
takes great pride of its heritage and traditions.

Ripon's Patron Saint

As the city’s patron saint, St Wilfrid has been celebrated annually since 1108. However, over the last
50 years in particular, the event has gone from strength to strength, and will be bigger and better
than ever, with floats, dancers, music and more bringing a carnival atmosphere to the city

Ben Colson, A St Wilfrid’s Procession Committee Member said: “It is fantastic to see the procession
is reawakening from its Covid-19 enforced slumber & we are sure it is going to be a day to

Born in Northumbria in 634 AD, St Wilfrid’s name can be found on street signs, a primary school, a
cafe and a Catholic church in the city as well as in other towns across the country.

St Wilfrid's Procession - Morris Dancers dance down Kirkgate close 2019

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