Procession Route & Timings

For hundreds of years, the route the procession takes as it snakes its way through the ancient streets of Ripon in North Yorkshire has barely changed other than the occasional shortcut or diversion due to road layout changes.

As a result, the procession offers a unique experience for spectators and entrants alike with past events attracting close to 50,000 people who crowd the streets and generate a carnival-like atmosphere across the city.

The official Procession Route & Timings for the 2023 event are outlined below.

Please Note: Due to the nature & location of the event, the timings listed below are approximate and may not be accurate on the day.

As of 2022, the procession will now start & end 15 minutes earlier than in previous years  to help ease congestion at the end of the event and give more people the opportunity to attend the service in the Cathedral at 16:30.

Approximate Timings

Procession Route

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