Procession Safety Guidelines

Due to the nature of the St Wilfrid's Procession and the involvement of the general public, health and safety legislation dictates that we as a committee have to implement Procession Safety Guidelines to ensure that all participants, spectators and volunteers act in a responsible manner throughout the event.


Please take the time to read and memorise these guidelines ahead of the procession as the health, safety and wellbeing of all involved remains our highest priority.

Our Health and safety pack can be downloaded HERE.



Safety Guidelines

Each entrant MUST appoint a safety officer who is responsible for completing a full risk assessment & ensuring the health & safety of all participants & spectators who may interact with the float.


ALL Children under 14 years of age must remain seated or if standing, provided with adequate support & restraints where appropriate.


ALL vehicle-based floats MUST have a secure railing, strap, or rope down both sides of the vehicle to prevent participants falling off the vehicle.


All adults should have adequate hand holds if standing.


Entrants MUST ensure that anything on or attached to the float is secure before setting off & ensure that it is safe at ALL TIMES.


Any generators, amplifiers or otherwise heavy objects MUST be securely strapped to the floor of the vehicle before setting off and at all times.


Your vehicle or entry MUST have a certificate of insurance that covers the participation in events and processions. (You will need to show a copy to the committee before your entry can be ratified).


ALL entries MUST take out a Public Liability Insurance Policy that covers all participants & spectators that could be injured in an accident caused by or involving your float. (You will need to show a copy to the committee before your entry can be ratified).

Under NO circumstances should any participant or spectator make an attempt to board a moving vehicle and should wait for the procession to come to a complete STOP before attempting to do so.


ALL entrants with vehicles are required to source appropriate ladders or steps for embarking & disembarking the vehicle ahead of the procession.


Please listen to and respect the traffic management team and Marshals at all times as they are responsible for the rolling road closures & will clearly communicate when & where to stop and restart.


The Steward in charge of the procession will give ALL participants a minimum of 5-minute warning before stopping or starting the procession.


Sweets can be handed out to people by participants on foot but under NO circumstances should spectators be encouraged to approach a moving vehicle or sweets be thrown from a vehicle to ensure everyone’s safety.


An event First Aid Team is stationed in the Market Square throughout the event and can attend your float if required. To alert the team, please contact either your driver or speak to a steward or marshal.


Any money collected during the event MUST be conducted by official St Wilfrid’s Procession collectors for the St Wilfrid’s Collection.


Participants are requested to ensure that their behaviour remains acceptable at ALL times & to ensure that respect is given to officials, drivers & spectators.


The committee appreciates that alcohol consumption is part of the event but would kindly like to request that moderation is observed in the interests of safety and enjoyment for all.


ALL entrants MUST setup a clear communication strategy between the driver and participants that is effective in the event of an emergency or a requirement to stop the float. (All drivers will be provided with the phone number for the Safety Officer.)

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